Hereby, we are proud to be a leading company in Iran concerning CNC cutting tools field of activities and all associated materials including Carbide Bars, Indexable Inserts, Tool Holders, Machining Tools Equipments, Precise Finishing Accessories, and related technical consultations as well.

Established in early 1980, and nearly 36 years of experience in Iran industrial needs, we support a wide range of Surface Machining activities as Turning, Milling, Boring, Drilling, End Milling, High Speed Roughing and Finishing Machinery Tools, covering Machinery Manufacturing Companies, Engineering Parts Manufacturers, Oil and Petrochemical, Civil engineering applications,  Automotive, Mould Making, Casting industries and technical educational institutes, and polytechnic universities.

For a long time ago our emblem was "Better Quality by More Precise Machinery" and we tried hard to fulfill this expectation of our customers. We are a limited and legal representative of Italian DANDREA, and ALBERTI (producing Angle Heads for NC and CNC Machines.)

We provide and cover about 95% of DANDREA products ranging from all ISO and BT type Arbors; variety of Head Boring and Fine Boring with accuracy of 0.002 mms from 2.5 up to 2800 mm bore sizes diameters, regular and ultra-tight Balanceable Collets Chuck Holders for Milling and Drilling Application, Tapping Clutches and Chuck Holders, Face Milling Heads, integrated MONOd and Modular Systems tool holders which are stored in the stock and ready to be distributed in the market.

We are registered exclusive distributor of Czech ZPS-FN Drills and End-Mills producer in IRAN. 

Moreover, His highness Czech taps producers Narex Zdanic company gave us an Exclusivity Permit in 2016. So Hand, Machine, Forming Taps are also available in different size and coating.

 We also provide and distribute products of ASD (producer of fixed and moving multi-spindles) and also few others manufacturing companies like ASIMETO (in Hong-Kong), Italian OMG, Taiwanese ChumPower and WINSTAR, Indian GROZ, Polish BISONBIAL and Czech TOS SVITAVY.

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آریا صنعت ( صادقیه ) تهران ، خیابان امام خمینی ، بعداز ۳۰ تیر ، روبروی درمانگاه فرهنگیان ، پلاک ۲۹ - تلفن +۹۸ ۲۱ ۶۶۷۲۲۵۰۴ (۴خط) - فکس +۹۸ ۲۱ ۶۶۷۰۹۶۸۷